Upgrading from
Lounge Club

The Lounge Club programme and website have been discontinued. All existing Lounge Club memberships have been upgraded to Priority Pass.

Learn more about your new Priority Pass membership here.
Why is my benefit changing from Lounge Club to Priority Pass?

The Lounge Club program is being decommissioned and so American Express are upgrading their cardholders to the Priority Pass program.

I have received an email from American Express about the change in my benefit, when will I expect to receive my Priority Pass welcome pack?

After receiving an email from American Express, Priority Pass will shortly be sending you your welcome pack. We expect for this to take up to 3 weeks. Your Priority Pass welcome pack will include your new membership card and will be dispatched when your benefit has been transferred from Lounge Club to Priority Pass.

What are the main benefits of being a Priority Pass Member?

• Access to over 1,500+ airport lounges worldwide in 148 countries
• Complimentary refreshments including alcohol in most lounges
• Space to work or wind down before your flight
• Free Wi-Fi and handy charging points in most lounges
• Comfortable seats and quiet spaces • Conference rooms, showers and other facilities in selected lounges
• Access to exclusive retail, dining, spa and sleeping options in selected airports

What is Priority Pass?

Priority Pass is the world’s leading airport lounge access program, providing an airport lounge for wherever your travel takes you, regardless of your class of travel or airline flown. Whether you travel infrequently or are a seasoned, regular traveler, Priority Pass can ensure that your journey always begins stress free at one of 1,500++ airport lounges across 600 cities in over 148 countries worldwide. Through the Priority Pass app, Members can also access exclusive retail, dining, spa and sleeping options in selected airports. For more details, please visit our Join Online page.

Do I need to activate my Priority Pass membership card?

You can start using your Priority Pass physical membership card as soon as you receive it, no activation is required. You can start using your Digital Membership Card after activating your online account through the details included in your Priority Pass welcome pack.

Why am I being asked to activate an account with Priority Pass?

In order to take full advantage of all the benefits of your Priority Pass membership, you need to register your details either through the Priority Pass website or app, in order to create an online account to support your membership experience. Your data is kept highly secure (SSL and PCI compliant) and we will never share it with third parties without your permission. 

To register you will need:
• the membership number from your Priority Pass card AND
• your Web Pin / Validation Code (provided in your welcome pack)  

I’m being asked for my validation code/web pin when registering – where can I get this information?

Your unique Validation Code/Web Pin is provided in your Priority Pass welcome letter, found in the welcome pack. This 4-digit number is a one-time use code needed to create your online account and set up your username and password for future log ins. Please contact the Priority Pass Membership Services team if you have lost your validation code/web pin. 

What is a Digital Membership Card and how can I access it?

Your Digital Membership Card is your Priority Pass membership card in a digital format that can be accessed via Priority Pass website or mobile app. To access your Digital Membership Card, you first need to activate your Priority Pass account using your membership number and validation code. Follow the instructions on how to activate your account provided in the Priority Pass welcome pack letter. On the Priority Pass app, your Digital Membership Card can be found by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the app. If you are using an Apple phone or device, you can also add it to your Apple Wallet in the bottom left-hand corner of your Digital Membership Card. Once you have activated your membership, you can log in via the Priority Pass app or website where you can search for lounges and access your Digital Membership Card, providing contactless digital access to our lounges by simply showing your smartphone or device.

How do I use my Digital Membership Card?

The Priority Pass Digital Membership Card allows you to access the vast majority of lounges participating in the program – all you need to do is display the QR code found in the app or the ‘My Account’ section of our mobile website. When you arrive at the lounge, simply open your Digital Membership Card on your device and flip the card over to display the QR code. The lounge staff will scan this code to verify your program membership and process your request to enter the lounge.

I’ve not received my Priority Pass membership card.

Please note your Lounge Club membership card will remain active until the date stated in your upgrade email from American Express. If you have not received your welcome pack within 3 weeks of receiving this email, please contact the Priority Pass Membership Services team who will help resolve this for you.

I’ve not received my Priority Pass membership card and I recently changed address. How do I request a new membership card?

If your Priority Pass welcome pack including your membership card has not been delivered to your new address, contact your card provider or alternatively get in touch with the Priority Pass Membership Services team who will arrange for the pack to be sent to your new address.

What lounges can I access with my Priority Pass membership card?

To check which lounges are available to you, login to your Priority Pass account, via the app or website, and search for eligible lounges.

Should I be using my Lounge Club or Priority Pass membership card?

We recommend you use your Priority Pass membership card immediately upon receipt, however during the transition period, you will be able to use either your Lounge Club membership card or your Priority Pass membership card for lounge access. The end date of this transition period will be stated in the email you received from American Express informing you of the upgrade. After this date, only your Priority Pass membership card will be active.

When will my Lounge Club membership card expire?

Your Lounge Club membership card will be active until the expiry date stated in the upgrade email you receive from American Express. You will be able to use your Priority Pass membership card during this period as well. Your Priority Pass expiry date will be the same as your previous Lounge Club expiry date.

When will my annual entitlements refresh?

The date of your annual entitlements refresh will not change when your membership is upgraded from Lounge Club to Priority Pass. The ‘Card Valid From’ date on your Digital Membership Card will indicate when your annual entitlements will refresh, each year. If you require further information about your annual entitlements, the Priority Pass membership services team will be able to support you. Please see contact details below.

What happens to my annual visit allocation?

Your annual complimentary visit entitlement will not change. Any remaining visits from your Lounge Club membership will be rolled over to your Priority Pass membership.

Can I use my Lounge Club login details to access my Priority Pass account?

No. Details on how to create your personal Priority Pass account will be sent to you in your Priority Pass welcome pack. You will need your membership number and validation code to activate your new account.

Can I still take guests into a lounge with my Priority Pass membership?

Yes, you can still invite guests to join you. Guests will be charged at £20/€28/$32 per visit. Your guest allocations are dependent on the benefits provided by American Express.

Will the upgrade from Lounge Club to Priority Pass cost me anything?

No, this upgrade is a benefit from American Express and does not incur any additional charges to the cardholder.

Are my details secure on your website?

Yes. Your data is protected by SSL security. Our business is also fully PCI compliant, for your peace of mind.

Can my membership card be used by someone else?

The Priority Pass membership card is non-transferable. When you access a lounge, the staff will need to check that the name printed on your membership card matches your boarding pass.

Can I access a lounge without my membership card?

Lounge access is only available on presentation of a valid Priority Pass physical or digital membership card.

What happens if my membership card has been lost, stolen or damaged?

Please report your lost, stolen or damaged Priority Pass membership card immediately to our Membership Services team. Dependent on your membership status, our team may be able to provide you with a replacement membership card that will be dispatched within 3 business days (delivery times may vary). In some cases, our Membership Services team may need to refer your request for assistance to the card provider that has granted you access to Priority Pass. You will still be able to use your Digital Membership Card for lounge access.

Is there a minimum age restriction?

You must be at least 18 years old to enrol as a Member of the Priority Pass program.

Can I opt out from changing my Lounge Club benefit to Priority Pass?

The Lounge Club program is being decommissioned, and all Lounge Club members are being moved to the premium Priority Pass program. If you do not wish to be a Priority Pass member, you can cancel the membership.

I received my Priority Pass welcome pack after my upgrade and soon after received my Priority Pass renewal pack, why is this?

The expiry date and annual complimentary visit entitlement of your new Priority Pass membership remains the same as your Lounge Club membership. This means your membership renewal was due shortly after the Priority Pass upgrade and when the welcome pack was issued. Therefore, you have now received a renewal pack with an updated expiry date.

How do I contact Priority Pass?

You can contact our Membership Services team by phone or email, using any of the below options:

Tel: +44 20 8680 1338
Email: info@prioritypass.com

Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2866 1964
      China: +86 400 120 2464
Email: info@prioritypass.com

Tel: Toll-Free in USA/Canada/Mexico: +1 800 352 2834
        Elsewhere: USA +1 972 735 0536
Email: info@prioritypass.com

Please visit our website contact page for more details.