Some airlines still curtailing flights after terror incidents

It has been months since the terror attacks in Paris and the suspected downing of a passenger jet over the Egyptian desert, but some airlines are still reluctant to resume certain flights that were suspended after these events.

Japan Airlines recently announced that it was extending its suspension of flights between Tokyo-Narita and Paris. The suspension is not due to any specific threat but to the lack of new bookings on the route ever since the attacks. The airline says that demand has dropped enough for it to suspend flights from January 12 through March 15, 2016 from Narita Airport. The airline had previously planned to lift the suspension at the end of February. Japan Airlines operated one flight per day between Narita and Paris. The airline continues to operate one flight a day to Paris from Tokyo's Haneda Airport. Demand from that airport, given its proximity to the center of Tokyo, had not been as adversely affected by the attacks in Paris.

Some British carriers are extending their suspension of service from the UK into the Egyptian resort city of Sharm el Sheikh. The UK government had issued travel advisories to the popular destination after a Russian airliner crashed into the Egyptian desert, an accident suspected to have been caused by terrorists. The investigation into the accident continues as does the travel advisory against travel to Sharm el Sheikh. UK carriers suspended service soon after the crash and the airlines are awaiting a change in the travel advisories before lifting the suspension of service.

British Airways has suspended flights to Sharm el Sheikh until March 26; Thomas Cook has cancelled service until March 23; Monarch Airways until February 14; and easyJet has extended their cancellations to the resort city until May 27.