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02 сен 2019

Sporting Events You'll Want To Experience

Sport brings people together. It creates unforgettable moments and unleashes emotions you didn’t know existed. We all have our favorite sports to watch, whether it be in a stadium, on a track or in a public space, we pour our emotion into cheering on your favorite team or individual, and really take in the moment that’s unfolding right before your eyes.

The airport terminal at Singapore Changi Airport
29 авг 2019

What makes us the most worried and stressed at airports?

No matter how well and in-depth we plan our trips, when it comes to travel day, there’s always a niggling doubt in the back of your mind. Have you packed everything (or packed too much!) is there traffic on the way to the airport, will you get hit by a flight delay?

12 авг 2019

The Best Airports For Families Around The Globe

Time in the airport can be a big worry for families who are traveling. Juggling the extra luggage, hoping there’s enough to do at the airport to pass the time and keep the kids entertained, praying for no delays, and by sheer luck - passing through the lines at security quickly and efficiently.

09 июл 2019

Seven Stages of Travel

Planning your trips away are like being on a cycle in the washing machine. You find where you want to go, do a bit of research to make sure it’s right for you and your entourage, you book, you look for things to do while you’re there, you book those, you pack, you go, you enjoy (hopefully!) you come back and start it all over again.

10 июн 2019

Overpacking is Real – Here’s How to Avoid it.

You’re either one of two people, you pack last minute, meaning you often forget things, or pack things you absolutely don’t need, but you’ve thrown it in “just in case,” or you pack as soon as you can, forgetting what you’ve already packed because you did it so long ago, which often leads to duplicating some items.

Nearly everywhere you go on Koh Samui will provide you with stunning views
02 май 2019

5 Best Wellness Travel Destinations

An increasing trend in recent years, people who are wanting to take extra care of their wellness have begun opting for vacation destinations which offer specific stress-busting treatments and activities.

Priority Lane by Priority Pass will help you to dodge the lines at passport and security check points
11 апр 2019

Priority Pass launches Priority Lane

Often, a travelers least favourite moment when visiting the airport is having to contend with lines longer than at a theme park when passing through security checkpoints. A survey showed that the average person will spend at least 6 months of their lives waiting in line, but the addition of our new Priority Lane service means you can save time at security at least!

A woman serves drinks to a traveler in the airport lounge
27 мар 2019

Highly Commended lounges in our Global Airport Lounge of the Year Awards

With over 1200 lounges in our program, sometimes the margins between being a winner in our Global Airport Lounge of the year awards, and missing out can be a fine line. We like to award the lounges who aren’t winners, but have pushed the winners the whole way.

26 мар 2019

Global Airport Lounge of the Year Winners!

Priority Pass is the world’s largest airport lounge access program in the world, with over 1200 lounges across 500 cities, in 143 countries, so that’s a lot of places to choose from when it comes to our Global Airport Lounge of the Year awards!