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04 Jul 2018

Priority Pass To Announce App Updates With New Key Features

Priority Pass, the No.1 airport lounge access program, is happy to announce new digital features designed to enrich the airport experience, including indoor airport maps, biometric login and the ability to save your favorite lounges.

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A Russian Basilica. One of the grandest tourist attractions
25 Jun 2018

What’s up World Cup - From Russia with Love

The quadrennial sports event is upon us, and there’s no escaping the media circus that surrounds it. The host country for the 2018 World Cup is Russia, who won their bid with an impressive 13 votes (out of 22) in the final round. World Cup fever has truly hit, with almost 67,000 fans visiting Moscow’s FIFA Fan Fest on the opening day of the tournament. They were treated to a goal-fest, as the hosts put 5 past Saudi Arabia without reply.

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06 Jun 2018

How travel is changing for your pet

For unfortunate reasons, pet travel has been a major talking point for airlines recently. Poor procedures and policies mean that passengers and airlines alike have called for changes to be made for the greater good. These changes eliminate a big risk factor, but have they made traveling with your pet any easier?

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25 Apr 2018

How In-Flight Entertainment Changes The Way We Fly

For flyers, the go-to diversion has always been reading. Many passengers still carry books, and e-readers are nearly as ubiquitous as smartphones, many of which are used as e-readers. In-flight entertainment continues to evolve as passengers strive to pass time and combat in-flight boredom. How is the mega-business of IFE morphing to better engage customers, and provide improved in-flight experiences?

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09 Apr 2018

Finding Your Window Seat To The Wonders of the World

Thanks to affordable air travel and the great tools available to help make savvy travelers out of all of us, it’s much easier to check off dream destinations as you satisfy your wanderlust. Even better news, you’re likely to find a Priority Pass lounge in many of the airports that can help you get up close and personal with the Wonders of the World.

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04 Apr 2018

10 Ways To Pay Less

No matter what you’re buying, you’re always looking to save yourself some money. There’s plenty of tried and tested methods for finding the best travel deals, some better suited for some people than others. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best tips to save some cash when booking, and traveling, on your next vacation.

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23 Mar 2018

Have Airlines Been Playing Musical Chairs

Airlines may be adjusting their economy cabins to include more seats – thinner, narrower and closer together.  Many flyers aren’t surprised by this, but could there be more to the equation than just comfort and fairness?

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Woman travelling by car holding a map
12 Mar 2018

Springtime: The wakeup call we actually enjoy getting

We’re turning the corner on the first quarter of this young year. It’s a time when the memories of the holidays have receded enough to leave only the leftover bills to pay and most noses are firmly kept close to the grindstones of a busy work life. 

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02 Mar 2018

Stuck In the Airport

Josh and Ashley Brown travel the world together enjoying the sites, sounds, food and drinks. But what happens when they get stuck in an airport for a couple days without the proper Visas? Watch this fun and informative video blog they kindly loaned us that shows how they survived airport living. 

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