How Priority Pass helped Vodafone Qatar beat customer churn


In 2013, the mobile network market in Qatar was getting increasingly congested, and competition – both from established and challenger brands – was fierce.

Vodafone understood that an effective way to guarantee market share was to persuade customers who were already signed to their network to stay with them, rather than looking elsewhere.

Setting their sights on their elite customer segments, Vodafone knew that adding an element of exclusivity to their already strong offering would be the best way to entice these high-spenders to renew their contracts – and renew again after that.

Priority Pass was the obvious choice for Vodafone.  As an established luxury brand with a worldwide reach, our easy-to-use airport lounge access programme would provide their high-earning, frequent Traveller base with a unique VIP experience – and provide the Vodafone brand with an effective point of competitive differentiation.

 Priority Pass


Since providing Priority Pass Membership as a free benefit to their customers, Vodafone have successfully managed to increase customer renewals, in addition to increasing engagement with their brand.


“It’s a great product that offers good value for money. Priority Pass is strong addition to the Vodafone proposition.”