Priority Pass for Business

It’s been 30 years since Priority Pass changed the airport experience forever.

We’ve always led the way for our Members and business partners. In 1992, we launched a better way to travel with our 49 lounges. Today, there are 1,500+ airport lounges and travel experiences worldwide, and the latest technology means instant lounge access with our Digital Membership Card and app.

Priority Pass is a valued benefit which corporates can provide to their customers and employees. Talk to us today to see why businesses prefer Priority Pass.

The benefit that works harder, for everyone.

Why do the world's most demanding businesses prefer Priority Pass?
Because it gives your employees the benefits they value most, tranquillity, comfort and the ability to stay connected whilst travelling.

In this on-the-go world we all crave the time and space to think, relax, or work in peace. That's why offering the opportunity to escape the chaos of the departure lounge simply makes good business sense.

Nothing works harder for your customers

Attracting and retaining premium customers demands a hero benefit that truly differentiates your product.  That’s precisely what Priority Pass delivers. Recognised by consumers as the prestige brand, it enjoys the widest recognition and the highest perceived value. All delivered with seamless efficiency making every visit a smooth experience.

Nothing works harder for your people

The ‘pain’ of frequent flying used to be mitigated by generous travel policies, but all that has changed. So how do you tell your people you care, whilst giving them the environment to be productive, without paying the price of premium seats on premium airlines? The answer is Priority Pass.


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