Mexico City Benito Juarez Intl

Mexico City, Mexico

About The Airport

As well as being the main gateway to Mexico, Mexico City Benito Juárez International is Latin America's busiest airport. It has 2 terminals - International Arrivals is in Terminal 1. The airport has been named for the 26th President of the country, Benito Juárez, who is widely recognised as being an important figure in Mexican history.


There's no free Wi-Fi at the airport, but you may be able to connect in some restaurants and cafés.

Getting to and from the airport

Mexico City Benito Juárez International is 13km from the city center.

Taxi - you can order a taxi from one of the taxi stands at the international and domestic entrances of Terminals 1 and 2. Taxis are pre-paid according to zone and prices can usually be checked in advance on the operator's website. For safety, travelers are advised not to take unofficial taxis.

Bus - the Metrobus leaves for downtown from the ground floor of each terminal. To use it, you'll need a Metrobus smart card which you can buy from machines in the boarding areas of the terminals. Buses to cities outside Mexico City go from the bus stations at each terminal.

Train - the Metro leaves from Terminal 1. This option isn't suitable if you have a lot of baggage. Women-only carriages are available during peak hours.

Hotel shuttle - shuttle services from hotels go from Terminal 1, entrance 4. If you arrive at Terminal 2 you can request a shuttle at the hotel service desks on the ground floor.

Car rental - rental desks are at the national and international walkway in Terminal 1 and International Arrivals in Terminal 2.

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Long and short-stay parking is available at the airport's 3 parking lots. There are parking spaces close to the terminals for disabled people, pregnant women and seniors.

Transit and in-airport hotels

The free light rail Aerotren, which runs from 05.00 to 01.00, links the 2 terminals. It runs about every 11 minutes and takes around 4 minutes. This service is available for travelers with boarding passes or airline tickets. Alternatively, there are shuttle buses that run between the 2 Terminals.

The Hilton Mexico City Airport is in Terminal 1. The 5-star NH Collection Mexico City, which has its own gym, is in Terminal 2.


Healthy Travel Tip

Lavender essential oil is fantastic for flying. A few drops on a handkerchief, along with a drop of chamomile and geranium can help calm your nerves before take-off. Plus, it can help guard against travel sickness.

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