Ho Chi Minh TSN International

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

About The Airport

Ho Chi Minh TSN International Airport has 2 terminals - Domestic Terminal 1 and International Terminal 2, which has 4 floors. It's the busiest airport in Vietnam and can often get congested. To ease this, there are plans to begin building a new airport in 2019. It will become the country's main international gateway, while Ho Chi Minh TSN will mainly serve domestic flights.


Free unlimited Wi-Fi is available at the airport. Some areas reportedly do not have a strong signal, but Wi-Fi is available in our lounges in both terminals.

Getting to and from the airport

The airport is 6km from downtown Ho Chi Minh City.

Taxi - taxis are available outside both terminals, with separate priority lines for pregnant or elderly travelers and those with children or disabilities. The fixed price Mai Linh taxi service has a desk after Customs and is recommended by many travelers (although there are other prepaid options available). At the Domestic Terminal, there is only one authorised taxi company - Sasco - found outside the terminal. If using a metered taxi service, take one from the queue outside, ignoring any taxi touts that may approach you. Make sure the meter is switched on before you start your journey. It's recommended that you have the address of your destination written in Vietnamese and carry Vietnamese Dong in cash - you could be asked to pay a small airport exit fee.

Bus  - you can get buses to downtown Ho Chi Minh City from the taxi stands outside both terminals. There's a dedicated airport shuttle that makes stops downtown as well as near many of the main hotels.

Hotel shuttle - airport pick-ups can be arranged with nearby hotels, including the Minh Tam Hotel and Spa and the Park Royal Saigon.

Car rental - car rental desks are at International Terminal Arrivals. You may be able to drive using an International Driving Permit, depending on the country of issue - check first as you need a legally accepted driving licence to be covered by your insurance; if you aren't sure, a car with driver is a relatively cost-effective option for visitors.

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A multi-storey parking lot can be found across the road from the airport entrance and is linked to the Domestic Terminal via an underground walkway. The drop-off area and short-term parking lot are near the airport entrance.

Transit and in-airport hotels

If you've a connecting flight, follow the signs and arrows. The 2 terminals are next to each other, separated by just a short 10-minute walk.

There are no in-airport hotels, but after Security in the International Terminal there are 10 'sleep boxes' with beds and pillows, charged by the hour or half hour. The Ibis Saigon Airport Hotel is a 6-minute walk from the terminals.

Healthy Travel Tip

Tap water is chlorinated in Ho Chi Minh and generally suitable for brushing teeth, especially in the tourist hotels. Avoid eating food that hasn't been cooked or peeled, such as salad, and ask for no ice in your drinks.

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