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Welsh travellers pay top price for wellness getaways

• Research from Priority Pass shows Welsh travellers spend an average of £1,685-a-year on wellness breaks at home and abroad • As a whole, the UK spends £9.7bn-a-year on wellness holidays every year • Holidays are no longer simply about the destination, but the overall experience • Airport lounges feature in the top three “extras” consumers want at the airport

Research from YouGov on behalf of Priority Pass™, the original and market-leading airport experiences program, shows that travellers in Wales spend an average of £1,685-a-year on ‘wellness tourism’, more than any other region in the UK. In total, the wellness tourism economy is estimated to be worth £9.7bn-a-year in the UK alone.

The data reveals the average amount wellness holidaymakers across the country spend on their getaways every year. When combining the average amount spent on domestic spa breaks with the cost of wellness holidays abroad such as yoga retreats, it’s Welsh people (£1,685) who top the charts. They are followed by Scots (£1,425) and people living in the South East (£1,340), with those residing in Yorkshire and the Humber spending the least at £655 per year.

Priority Pass’ study also highlights the widespread popularity of more experience-based holidays, with over two in five (41%) Brits heading away on at least one domestic spa break or golfing holiday a year, and one in 20 (5%) jetting off for healthy holidays overseas.

The UK regions ranked in order of annual spend are as follows:

  1. Wales (£1,685)
  2. Scotland (£1,426)
  3. South East (£1,340)
  4. London (£1,314)
  5. South West (£1,282)
  6. East Midlands (£1,164)
  7. North East (£1,141)
  8. East of England (£1,038)
  9. West Midlands (£1,003)
  10. North West (£1,002)
  11. Yorkshire and the Humber (£655)

The research also shows the increasing demand for a “complete wellness experience”, where relaxation doesn’t start and end at the customer’s destination, but is an all-encompassing experience. Travellers in the UK noted that if they were to travel, an upgraded flight (57%), fast track security (51%), and lounge access at the airport (37%) are the top three extras that would make their journey more enjoyable.

Andy Besant, Director of Travel Experiences at Collinson, which operates Priority Pass, said: “We are seeing an increasing trend in people wanting to take extra care of their wellbeing, which is influencing how consumers choose to spend their money. People now expect every part of their holiday to be stress-free and we are proud to offer airport lounges and other airport experiences such as dining and spa that work together to provide the perfect setting to unwind and relax, right from the off.”

About the research

All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 10,188 adults in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Mexico, India, US, China, South Korea and Russia. Fieldwork was undertaken between 28 August to 8 October 2018. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been given an even weighting for each country to produce an ‘average’ value.