Top 5 FAQ

Your unique Validation Code/Web Pin is provided in your welcome or renewal pack. This 4-digit number is a one-time use code needed to create your online account and set up your user name and password for future log ins.

If you become a Member directly by joining on the Priority Pass website, then you will be able to access an airport lounge immediately using your Digital Membership Card (as soon as you receive confirmation of payment for your membership). If your membership to Priority Pass is obtained via your card issuer or another provider, then you may also able to access a lounge immediately, depending on your programme. To avoid disappointment, we always recommend that you plan ahead of your travel as much as possible, ensuring that you have received your membership pack in advance of your travel.

Please also see How long does it take to get my membership card?

If you receive your membership card as a benefit from a card issuer or other organisation, it may feel like you’ve already joined as you have already confirmed with that company that you’d like to be a part of the Priority Pass programme. However, in order to take full advantage of all the benefits of Priority Pass membership, we also need to register your details either through the Priority Pass website or app, in order to provide you an online account to support your membership experience. Your data is kept highly secure (SSL and PCI compliant) and we will never share it with third parties without your permission.

To activate your account you will need:

• the membership number from your Priority Pass card AND

• your Web Pin / Validation Code (provided in your welcome/renewal pack) OR

• the expiry date on your Priority Pass membership card OR

• the long number (PAN) printed on the front of the debit/credit card linked to your Priority Pass membership.

The exact information you need to provide is determined by which Priority Pass programme you belong to – our activation pages will walk you through this so there’s nothing to worry about.

Please contact one of our Membership Services centers, for support with renewing your membership. Please include your membership number in your message if you email us, or have your details ready if you prefer to call.
We’d be sorry to see you go, but if you really do need to cancel your membership, please call our Membership Services team, with your membership number to hand. Priority Pass is only able to cancel memberships that have been purchased directly from us. If you have received your membership in any other way please contact your card issuer to discuss cancellation.