Flat lay of packing essentials on top of a map: sunglasses, tablet, coins, toy plane, passport, clothes and hat.

Ultimate Holiday Checklist

Whether you're going on a short weekend break or a long-haul adventure, there are always things you need to remember to take with you. Packing can be a daunting task, but with a good checklist, it can be a breeze.

To help you make sure you've got everything you need for your next trip, we've put together a comprehensive holiday checklist. Here are some things to consider:

Travel Documents

✔ Passport and visa (if required)
✔ Travel insurance policy documents
✔ Flight/train/bus tickets
✔ Boarding passes
✔ Hotel/rental car reservation confirmations

Close shot of person holding a map inside their passport

Money and Payment

✔ Cash in the local currency
✔ Credit/debit cards
✔International credit cards (Monzo, Revolut etc)
✔ Traveller's checks
✔ Emergency contact information for your bank

variation of different currencies splayed out


✔ Mobile phone and charger
✔ Camera and charger
✔ Laptop/tablet and charger (if needed)
✔ Electrical adapters (if travelling internationally)
✔ Portable charger/power bank

person holding a smart phone open on the Priority Pass app, with laptop and tablet in background

Clothing and Personal Items

✔ Appropriate clothing for your destination and planned activities
✔ Undergarments and socks
✔ Swimwear and beach towels (if applicable)
✔ Comfortable shoes
✔ Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.)
✔ Sunscreen and insect repellent
✔ First aid kit (including any necessary prescription medication)
✔ Travel-sized laundry detergent
✔ Hats and sunglasses

Hangers with clothes


✔ Guidebooks and maps
✔ Reading material
✔ Snacks and drinks for the journey
✔ Umbrella or raincoat (if needed) 

Flat lay of travelling essentials. Camera, paper plane, magnifying glass, map, binoculars and passport.

In addition to the general checklist, here are some tailored checklists for specific types of holidays:

Family Holiday

✔ Diapers, baby wipes, and baby food (if applicable)
✔ Entertainment for children (books, toys, games, etc.)
✔ Extra clothing and shoes for children
✔ Stroller or carrier (if needed)
✔ Identification for children

Kids tourists with mother sightseeing beautiful town of Massa Marittima in Tuscany.

Beach Holiday

✔ Beach bag
✔ Cooler or insulated bag
✔ Beach toys (such as buckets and shovels)
✔ Snorkelling equipment (if applicable)
✔ Beach umbrella or tent
✔ Waterproof phone case

image of couple from behind sat in deck chairs on a white sand beach looking out to turquoise ocean.

Walking Holiday

✔ Comfortable and sturdy walking shoes or boots
✔ Waterproof jacket and trousers
✔ Hat and gloves (if needed)
✔ Water bottle and hydration system
✔ Trekking poles (if needed)

Two hikers at viewpoint in the mountains enjoying beautiful view of the valley with a lake and sunny warm weather in summer, green trees around

Skiing Holiday

✔ Ski/snowboard equipment
✔ Ski/snowboard clothing (including gloves, goggles, and helmet)
✔ Warm and waterproof boots
✔ Thermal base layers and mid-layers
✔ Hand and toe warmers (if needed)

daredevil in orange and yellow snowsuit skiing down the side of a mountain

City Break

✔ Lightweight and comfortable walking shoes
✔ City map and guidebook
✔ Public transport tickets or pass
✔ Tickets for attractions and events
✔ Dressier clothing for dinners or nights out

Brooklyn Bridge at and the Lower Manhattan skyline under a purple sunset

With this comprehensive holiday checklist, you'll be sure to have everything you need for a stress-free and enjoyable trip. Remember to tailor the checklist to your specific needs and preferences and double-check that you have packed everything before you leave!