Our Top Gadgets for your next trip

Our Top Gadgets for your next trip
Technology is constantly providing us with new gadgets, which can make your trip easier, more fun or simply are too cool to resist. Here we take a look at some of the top options for your next vacation. Remember, if you’re buying gadgets (or doing any other pre-vacation retail therapy) in terminal before you fly, check out the Priority Pass app for exclusive Member discounts!

Bluetooth Trackers
Apple has recently released its Bluetooth tracker – the Apple AirTag. The AirTag's system is simple: you attach it to something you care about (luggage, keys, handbag, the options are all yours) and then you'll be able to track that object's location in the Find My app, just as you would track your other Apple Devices. 

A phone sanitizer
Using sanitizer to clean your hands has become an essential part of travelling (or even being out and about), but what about your phone? PhoneSoap has developed a gadget to disinfect and clean your phone using UV light and reflective trays. Simply put your phone in the PhoneSoap device, and turn it on, and in 10 minutes 99.99% of viruses and bacteria are killed. PhoneSoap has 4 different models for you to choose from, included the rechargeable-battery-powered PhoneSoap Go, so you can disinfect your phone wherever you are.

A travel coffee maker
If you’re anything like we are, you’ll want to start your day with a coffee. Have a look at Wacaco Nanopresso. This portable espresso device means you can make a coffee wherever you are, and it’s very simple to use. The Nanopresso is not battery charged, but rather functions using a handpump to create pressure to brew your coffee, all you need is water and coffee. You can even get accessories that allow you to use Nespresso capsules if ground coffee isn’t your thing. 

Portable charger/ Power bank
Phones, tablets, laptops and other devices almost all have the same issue - battery life, so you could probably do with a power bank to help, you definitely don’t want to run out of battery life when you’re navigating to your hotel in a foreign city. Belkin have a range of portable power banks, in a variety of shapes and battery sizes to meet your needs, including options with wireless charging for compatible smartphones, and USB-C outlets for fast charging. Make sure you take one with you when you venture out to explore!

Smart luggage
The Samsara Carry-On might just be the most futuristic carry-on luggage available. Not only does the bag meet most major airline carry-on requirements and has a built-in battery and USB-A and USB-C outlets for charging your devices, it also includes an internal LED light that automatically comes on in low light, and Bluetooth sensors that alert the owner when the bag is opened via the smartphone app. The app even tracks the bag and sends notifications when the bag moves outside of the Bluetooth radius. The battery is removable to comply with airline regulations, should you need to check your bag.

A travel pillow
Sleeping on a plane can be a really negative experience, and that’s not how you want to begin (or end) your trip. The Go Neck Pillow from Ostrichpillow  has a 360° design supporting you neck totally. It’s also made of high-quality memory foam to adapt and contour to your head and neck while you’re sleeping upright.

A filtering water bottle
Why should you carry a water filter when you travel? Well, the answer is simple; you’ll never know for certain if the places you may find yourself will have drinkable water or a store from where you can buy a bottle. Brita’s Fill & Go Filter Water Bottle filters water as you drink it, with its inbuilt filtering system, is ideal to take with you on your next vacation. Make sure you fill it up when you clear security at the airport too, as the reduced oxygen environment with low humidity on a plane, can dehydrate you significantly, (during a 10-hour flight, you can lose as much as 2-litres of water from your body).

A massage gun
Spending a long time confined to your seat on a plane, or walking more than you usually would while you see all the sights in a new city can really tire your muscles out. Massage guns have recently taken the fitness world by storm, with everyone from casual athletes to professionals advocating their benefits. Therabody’s Theragun uses percussive muscle therapy to soothe aches and pains. This is when rapid bursts of pressure are applied to muscle tissue - whether that be in your back, shoulders or legs. The vibrations help release muscle knots which are the primary cause of aches and pains, to speed up recovery and get you ready to explore and enjoy your holiday sooner. Therabody has several options, including the Theragun Mini, which is ideal to pack away for your destination to help tired muscles.

A travel adaptor
One of the most common purchases at the airport is outlet adaptors. Making sure you have a high quality, safe and reliable adaptor for your destination is so important when you are travelling internationally. One of the leading travel adaptor models available is the Skross PRO series, with 11 different options covering 205 destinations worldwide, and a variety of USB-A and –C models, these adaptors are powerful enough to be used with laptops and hairdryers.

Getting a pair of high-quality headphones can make all the difference on your flight. We recommend getting a pair of over-ear, noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones, which will mean you can drown out the background sounds, whether you are sleeping, watching a movie or trying to get some work done. We like Beats by Dre Studio3 wireless headphones, which have 22 hours of battery life, to last the whole flight (and more).

Bonus: Your phone
It might seem obvious, but your phone is the most important gadget you can take on your trip. It can help with everything from navigation around a new city to translating a foreign language. Check out our top app recommendations for downloading before your next trip to make your phone the ultimate travel companion.