Announcing Our 2016 Travelstyle Photographer of the Year Winner

There’s no denying that travel is much more than just an activity. It’s a way of life that many travellers embrace whether it’s out of business necessity or the desire to see new things. No matter the reason for venturing away from home, every traveller has a story to tell and this is what made our #Travelstyle photography competition so rewarding.

Not only did we get to hear how many of you enjoy the start to a great holiday or business trip at one of over 1,500+ airport lounges around the world; we also got a first-hand glimpse into your experiences half a world away (or not far from home at all).

In fact, our 2016 contest winner didn’t have to venture out of his home country to share the colours and textures that shape some of his fondest memories and perspectives on life and work. After reviewing thousands of entries, we’re pleased to announce Garrett Bauman (@garrett_bauman) as our 2016 #Travelstyle Photographer of the Year.

We had the pleasure of viewing your many photos of exotic beaches, luxurious hotels and stunning sunsets, but in the end, we loved Garrett’s #travelstyle and his photo of the coast off Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA (pictured below). 

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As our winner, we’ll feature Garrett’s winning photo on the homepage for two weeks, where it’ll be viewed by almost 1 million international visitors. Garrett shared the background to his winning shot with us:

“I am an avid Green Bay Packers fan, so I was more than elated to be travelling to Wisconsin to see the Packers vs Cowboys for my first game at Lambeau Field, where quarterback Brett Favre was to be honored for his induction into the hall of fame. What really struck me with this shot was the fantastic beauty and vibrant colours off the coast of Milwaukee. Most people don't consider the Midwest when they think of gorgeous coastline, but maybe they should.”


Garrett also talked us through some of the other photos he submitted in this year’s competition:

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Morning mist over the docks at Lake Bomoseen, VT

This is by far my favourite photo that I submitted. I grew up right down the road from Lake Bomoseen and I used to swim, boat, wait tables, and play golf there. I have a very close friend who lived by the lake his entire life and he passed away this year. The morning I took this photo, I was leaving to attend a golf tournament in his name. It brought back all of the fond memories I had of my childhood and of one of my closest friends.


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Coast off Orlando, FL

I snapped this picture because I just honestly found it gorgeous. Florida has so much to offer the thrill seeking adventurer that it's sometimes hard to find one picture that encapsulates all its wonder. Here, I was able to capture the electric blue juxtaposed to the vivid sea green that harbors so much life. It was a shot I did not want to miss.


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Working Poolside at the Renaissance Orlando

I travel quite often for the edtech company I work for, so I'm always seeking out new and inspiring locations to get work done. Being stuck at the Renaissance Hotel in Orlando for a conference was not exactly drudgery, so I decided to stretch out by the pool and respond to emails at the end of the day. An increasing number of people are choosing to work remotely now, and I think it's a wonderful opportunity for people to go out and travel! It's always important to mix business and pleasure.


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The Green Mountains, Vermont

I currently live in Washington, DC which has its own beauty, but I'm always nostalgic for the Green Mountains of Vermont. The mountains make for some awe inspiring sunsets and not to mention some of the best snowboarding, mountain biking, and hiking on the East Coast. On this particular day, I was returning to our home on Lake Champlain, but as the sunset made its final descent I had to pull over and snap one final shot. The solitude and quiet provides the perfect opportunity for reflection.


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Sun rising over Des Moines, Iowa

I enjoy taking pictures from planes because it provides such a unique perspective of the world. Every single time I fly I'm amazed by human ingenuity and persistence. The fact that I can be on another side of the world and immersed in a new culture in less than a day is consistently mind boggling to me. At this particular moment, the sun was gleaming and glittering on the plane in such a way that it seemed to be highlighting human mastery of the sky. I just had to capture it.


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Polk County Courthouse clock tower in Des Moines, Iowa

Clock towers always get me and the fact that this was a majestic court house that stood out against the jet-black sky just seemed to deepen its meaning. Clocks constantly remind us that time, one of our most precious commodities as humans, is always marching forward. What we choose to make of our time is completely in our hands, but one day, our clock will run out. On that day, I want to be sure I've lived every second to its fullest. 

Thank you Garrett and all of you who shared your photos with us. Your memories are an inspiration to all of us who see travel in a distinctly personal way. We’re proud to be a part of an ever-increasing number of journeys by such an exclusive group of travellers who know exactly what Lounge Class is all about. We look forward to telling more of your stories in the future!