Best Gifts For Travelers & Frequent Fliers 2015

As part of his annual series of Holiday Gift Guides, Forbes contributor Mr Larry Olmstead recently published an article called ‘Best Gifts For Travelers & Frequent Fliers 2015’. The article lists essential travel items which make perfect gifts - ranging from a stylish carry-on luggage and noise-cancelling headphones, to Priority Pass membership which provides access to over 1,500+ independent airport lounges worldwide.

Larry Olmsted is a frequent flier himself and has valued the benefits of Priority Pass membership for years. His reasoning is that if you fly exclusively and frequently with a particular carrier, then perhaps it would make sense to have a club membership with that airline. However if you fly with different carriers, including budget airlines which don’t have lounges available for passengers, or if you visit far-flung places around the world, then Priority Pass is hard to beat - and is in fact economical when compared to airline charges for single club memberships. Read his full article here.