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What can I expect from a lounge?

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A quick guide to what you can expect from an airport lounge.

As the lounges are owned and operated by a wide range of third parties there is great variety in the interior decoration and style of the lounges in our program.

There are modern contemporary lounges along with warm and welcoming traditional interiors and a whole range in between.

Once in the lounge you can look forward to sinking into a comfortable seat as well as enjoying some peace and quiet.

The food available will often reflect the country you're in so there is variety there too.

You can usually help yourself to a range of snacks along with hot and cold drinks - including alcoholic beverages at many lounges.

At some there is waiter service so you can just select from a menu and be waited on.

As well as enjoying refreshments you can pass the time reading the newspapers and magazines on display, catch-up with news and sports on the TV, go online using Wi-Fi or an internet port.

There are often work stations so it's comfortable to work too. We have lounges that offer entertainment like video games, cinema and even spa facilities so you may want to ensure you get to the airport early so there is plenty of time to enjoy your lounge visit.

All the lounges are different and the services and facilities vary, some lounges may require payment for some services so we recommend you check the lounge detail before your visit.

You'll find photos of many lounges on our website too.

That way you don't waste time trying to locate the lounge and you know exactly what to expect when you arrive.