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Announcing our 2016 Travelstyle Photographer of the Year winner

After viewing thousands of photos of exotic beaches, luxurious hotels and stunning sunsets, read on to find out who took the title of 2016 Travelstyle Photographer of the Year.

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Five tips for hassle-free holiday travel

There may be a lot of people traveling during the holiday period, but that doesn't mean your journey needs to be stressful. Plan ahead with these easy tips.

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Travel smart: 2016's best travel gadgets

Whether you're heading off on holiday or returning from a business trip, the latest technology can make your journey easier, more entertaining and more productive. We've tracked down some top tech gadgets that make traveling smart and simple.

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The world’s most festive cities

From markets next to airport lounges that you can visit on an airport layover, to the sets of your favorite Christmas movies, here we do a rundown of the most festive cities.

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School's out: How to travel with children

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The top five airport hubs you need to explore

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Entries now open for the 2016 Travelstyle Photographer of the Year

What's your #travelstyle?

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#nofilter: 5 ways to perfect your Instagram travel pictures

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How to pass the time while waiting for a flight

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