What's hot for travel in 2017?

08 Dec 2017

The perfect gift is hard to find especially if you are looking for a gift for a traveler. The best gifts are often a mix of efficiency and distraction. What gift(s) could limit your travelers’ airport anxiety, increase comfort in an airport or on a plane, and put a smile on their face as they remember you bought them this thoughtful gift?

We’ve collected some of our favorite gifts, outside--of course--the ultimate gift of Priority Pass membership, you could give to that special traveler in your life. From practicality to convenience, there’s something on this list for nearly any type of traveler.


Noise-canceling Headphones

Airport Lounge_Priority Pass

Other than your personal identification to get through security, there’s nothing more important than a quality pair of headphones. The airport is noisy and the airplane jet engines can be disturbing. Noise-canceling headphones drown out the chaos of traveling while your favorite song, podcast, or audiobook plays without interruption. They’re perfect for long or short flights to suppress noise and add entertainment while you slug through airport security or on your red eye to your destination.



“Smart” Carry-on

Airport Lounge_Priority Pass

Regular carry-on luggage is out, “smart” carry-on luggage is in – especially this holiday season. Smart carry-ons come with an internal scale in the handle to ensure your luggage meets the weight requirements for the overhead bins of your flight. With a digitally controlled lock, you use your smartphone to unlock your smart luggage. It even comes with a built-in battery so your important devices are always charged and you don’t have to search the airport for an outlet. This is the luggage of the future, which makes a perfect gift for your traveler.



Travel Pillow

Airport Lounge_Priority Pass

Getting comfortable on a plane has its difficulties whether you’re stuck in the middle seat or sitting in a row by yourself. Help a traveler get more comfortable this holiday season with the gift of a travel pillow. Travel pillows keep your head and neck cushioned so you don’t wake up 20 minutes into your flight with a sore neck. It’s small enough to fit in a carry-on and comfortable enough so your traveler can rest easily and happily in a cramped airplane seat.



Sleep Mask

Airport Lounge_Priority Pass

Who doesn’t love the gift of sleep? For the light sleeper in your life a sleep mask reduces the amount of light that can interrupt some much needed rest. . Sleep masks are natural, inexpensive sleep aids that any traveler can use on a plane and anywhere else (except driving, of course). . Couple your sleep mask gift with a pair of earplugs to block out disruptive sounds. With earplugs or noise canceling headsets, a travel pillow, and a sleep mask, a restless upright nap can easily turn into a snoozefest.


Minipresso Machine

The need for coffee can strike at any moment. Gift your frequent traveler a hand-operated minipresso machine for a much-needed shot of espresso. It’s small enough to fit into your carry-on and reliable enough to make your favorite cup of coffee right from the seat of the plane. Make traveling easier with the convenience of coffee on-the-go made just how you like it. All it requires is hot water, ground coffee beans, and cream to deliver a good dose of caffeine.


Travel Iron

Your clothes might have suffered through turbulence or stuffed inside your bag in the overhead bins, but they don’t have to stay looking that way. Keep your traveler looking sharp and wrinkle-free this holiday season with a travel iron. The travel iron is the perfect practical gift for any traveler that needs to their clothes neatly pressed looking fresh.


Portable Battery

Airport Lounge_Priority Pass

For those of us that travel frequently, we burn through battery power pretty quickly. Portable batteries can be a great gift to show you understand the pains of hunting for open power outlets. A portable battery weighs just a few ounces and eliminates your search for that elusive  outlet. Give a gift that secures the battery life of those essential electronics that help us get through airports, combat airplane boredom, and navigate new destinations after landing.



Reading Material

Airport Lounge_Priority Pass

Reading is a great pastime for any traveler, whether it’s a physical book or a digital copy. Give the gift of reading to a traveler to help escape the toils of traveling. There are countless books available via Audible, Kindle, iTunes or other vendors that can help anyone relax while trying to make it to their next destination. Some travelers like the old-fashion feel of a physical book while others prefer an audio or digital version. The better you know your book fan, the easier your decision will be.


Personal Air Purifier

Any traveler knows one of the impossible tasks of traveling is avoiding the inevitable exposure to germs. They might not be able to control every airborne germ they come in contact with, but they can mitigate the odor and germs in dirty air with the help of a personal air purifier. It’s a great gift to keep your favorite traveler healthy while in a hotel room or other small space.



We wish you and your family a great holiday season. In this season of giving, don’t forget to gift yourself a well-deserved trip to a Priority Pass airport lounge to relax and recharge before you get to your next destination.