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Exclusive Offer - VIP Lounge at Guadalajara Miguel Hidalgo International

Priority Pass members can bring 1 guest per visit for free.

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Fingerprints could get you on a plane faster in the near future

A simple fingerprint might help you board a flight more quickly in the near future but it will take more than a special touch to make it work. The real challenge will be convincing airport security authorities that it can replace the various forms of identification currently accepted for travel.

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What you see might not be what you get when shopping for flights

The debate over airline pricing transparency has taken many turns, but recently there has been movement that benefits passengers. For a few years, airlines in the U.S. have been required to advertise the entire cost of a ticket, taxes and fees included, or face fines. But some believe the requirements do not go far enough.

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The latest airline passenger complaint: Other passengers

That familiar invitation by the captain to sit back, relax and enjoy your flight is in jeopardy. Some passengers are not relaxing and enjoying their flights because others are sitting back -- and right into others' personal space. Welcome to the debate over seat recline etiquette

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Airlines on alert again for possible ash cloud disruptions

Scientists in Iceland have raised the aviation risk level to a near-high "orange" as recent volcanic activity could mean a return of ash clouds and the dangers it can pose to airliners. If you thought 2010 was a distant memory, think again.

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Exclusive Spa Offer

Cardholders and their guests will enjoy 10% off Spa Treatments purchased in the lounge

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Some passengers will have to prove that their electronics work

The latest round of security measures meant to thwart attacks on commercial aviation may have some passengers wondering what will be next. Now, passengers will have to show that the electronics they intend to bring on board can actually function.

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U.S. judge rules that government no-fly list violates rights

The U.S. government's secret list of passengers banned from flying on commercial airlines over U.S. airspace has fueled a contentious debate over the need for privacy versus security. A Federal judge has ruled that the way passengers find out and are allowed to take action to be removed from this list violates their right to due process.

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Your car has GPS, so why not your luggage?

Following the news from an airline industry group that airlines have done a much better job at reuniting passengers with their luggage over the last year, both airlines and passengers are using technology to improve the odds of even better outcomes.

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Passengers with allergies will breathe easier flying this airline

Relief for allergy suffers does not only come in the shape of a pill; it could also be shaped like an airplane. A European airline is looking to become the world's first allergy-friendly airline, ridding its cabins of many common irritants, nuisance passengers notwithstanding.

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Trend shows more passengers flying, fewer bags misplaced

More people flew in 2013 than in any previous year so it makes sense for passengers to expect that more luggage was misplaced or lost, right? Not really.

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EU wants to make it easier for passengers to get compensation

There are rules on the books to protect European travelers from some of the headaches of air travel. The problem is that when it comes to compensating passengers, many airlines find ways to take advantage of some ambiguities to deny payments to them. European lawmakers are taking more steps to change that.

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