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Trend shows more passengers flying, fewer bags misplaced

More people flew in 2013 than in any previous year so it makes sense for passengers to expect that more luggage was misplaced or lost, right? Not really.

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EU wants to make it easier for passengers to get compensation

There are rules on the books to protect European travelers from some of the headaches of air travel. The problem is that when it comes to compensating passengers, many airlines find ways to take advantage of some ambiguities to deny payments to them. European lawmakers are taking more steps to change that.

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Global pilot shortage first being felt in the largest markets

It was predicted in 2012 that the ensuing years for aviation would likely be long on profits and passengers numbers, but short on the pilots that help make it happen. A global pilot shortage is emerging. Who is impacted most?

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Airlines are quick to calm flyers' angst over phone calls in flight.

Once airline passengers caught wind of the plans by the U.S. Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to reconsider its ban on cell phone calls in flight, the debate over annoying passenger phone calls was reignited. In the end, it may be up to the airlines to decide if passengers get to use mobile air time while up in the air and some are quite willing to make that decision early.

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Add bag tagging to the list of things you can do with your smartphone

There are many things to dislike about checking luggage: the cost, the long wait and not knowing if your bag will even arrive with you. Soon, the smartest thing you can have when checking luggage could be your phone.

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The ban on electronics on U.S. flights is lifted … to an extent

Some passengers claim they leave their electronics on during flights by accident; others defiantly admit that they do it because they feel the ban is outdated. Whatever their reasons, passengers aboard U.S. flights may soon be able to turn their excuses off while leaving their tethered devices on.

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Airline introduces baby-free quiet zone for passengers

Scoot Airlines, a low-cost subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, grabbed some headlines this summer by announcing child-free zones aboard its aircraft. While many flyers applauded this move, others wondered why families with children are so often ostracized.

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The taste of airline food is not rocket science. It’s just science.

Travelers who long for the so-called glory days of air travel often remember the quality of the service and the tasty meals on board. But was the taste merely enhanced by the experience of attentive service at 35,000 feet, or was there more to it?

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Two free trial issues of Business Traveller Asia-Pacific

Business Traveller Asia-Pacific has teamed up with Priority Pass to offer all its members two free trial issues plus a special 30% off regular rates.

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New minimum requirements for U.S. co-pilots set to go up

Since the crash of a commuter aircraft near Buffalo, New York in 2009 revealed issues with pilot fatigue and qualifications, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been working to increase the minimum standards for co-pilots amid some resistance from the airlines. It appears that the agency is about to make good on a mandate from Congress and a promise to families of the victims of that crash.

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Airlines improve storm preparations but passengers should always be on alert

While many of us think of preparing for storms by stocking up on necessities and securing our property, the way airlines prepare for storms that will impact operations are similar in one specific way... anticipation.

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